Executive Leaders

Being formed by IT engineers, geologists, long-time professionals from the construction business as well as financial and marketing experts with comprehensive regulatory experience and a proven track record in scaling large businesses, the multisided BLUESHARE management team blends the best of the best of all worlds. 

The experienced, all-embracing team puts BLUESHARE in a unique position to become a forerunner with a significant advance on the international Blockchain and business scene.   

Kaloyan Teodosiev

Kaloyan Teodosiev CEO

Founder, Business Owner Successful Serial Entrepreneur
Iavor Kurtev

Iavor Kurtev Strategic Advisor to CEO

Savvy Entrepreneur, Successful Investor, Start-up Projects Professional
Dr. Zlatin Sarastov

Dr. Zlatin Sarastov CFO

PhD in Mathematical Finance Investment Banker & Corporate Financier

Core Team

Mario Dimitroff

Mario Dimitroff Head of the Project

Plamen Sakaliyski

Plamen Sakaliyski CTO

Fani Angelova

Fani Angelova Director of Marketing & PR

Stoyko Zahariev

Stoyko Zahariev Lead of Tokenomics Development

Silvia Angelova

Silvia Angelova Digital Marketing Manager

Vasil Vajarov

Vasil Vajarov Legal Officer

Daniel Vasilev

Daniel Vasilev Backend Lead, Decentralized Application Specialist

Mina Iotova

Mina Iotova Marketing & Communications Specialist

Ilian Scarlatov

Ilian Scarlatov Financial Advisor

Daniel Lazarov

Daniel Lazarov Front End Developer

Angel Demirev

Angel Demirev Front End Lead, UX and UI Designer

Ivaylo Petrov

Ivaylo Petrov Software Engineer, DB Architect

Alen Popovich

Alen Popovich Customer experience, innovation, marketing strategies, channel shift and digital transformation

Yasen Rachev

Yasen Rachev Digital Marketing Specialist

Adriyan Adriyanov

Adriyan Adriyanov Corporate Finance and Strategy

Iren Parvanova

Iren Parvanova Project Management, QA Expert

Vesselin Kyurkchiev

Vesselin Kyurkchiev Math and Gamification modeling

Assen Popov

Assen Popov IT Design, Infrastructure and Innovations

Ivan Georgiev

Ivan Georgiev Information Security Officer

Valentin Shopov

Valentin Shopov Legal Advisor to CEO

Phillip Dimitrov

Phillip Dimitrov Ambassador & Speaker

Genco Üney

Genco Üney Visual Arts Director

Shakhi Adris

Shakhi Adris Analyst


Jeremy Khoo

Jeremy Khoo

Jeremy Khoo is an international business operator, founder and blockchain entrepreneur who has successfully exited 3 venture funded companies. He is currently Group CEO of iFashion - a leading regional retail enabler and conglomerate.
Mauro Andriotto

Mauro Andriotto

Zoran Arsovski

Zoran Arsovski

Hazem Fada

Hazem Fada

M.S. in Electronics Engineering and Systems Programming, Application developer, Data Analyst, DevOps, Data Modeling and Data Warehouse design.
Margarita Angelova

Margarita Angelova

Ivailo Shipochky

Ivailo Shipochky

Mane Crypto

Mane Crypto

Cryptoкen Media

Cryptoкen Media

Anthony Abunassar

Anthony Abunassar

Anthony built his experience within the most prominent finance institutions. Starting at PwC then Rothschild&Co and Vice President at Goldman Sachs and JPMorgan, before moving into the world of STO Advisory and crypto trading. His expertise in Finance is unparalleled.

Geology and Construction Team

Prof. D-r Eng. Slavcho Mankov

Prof. D-r Eng. Slavcho Mankov Head Geology and Exploration

Prof. D-r Eng. Georgi Konstantinov

Prof. D-r Eng. Georgi Konstantinov Open Pit Mining Senior Executive

Eng. Radi Milarov

Eng. Radi Milarov Chief Engineer of Mining

Prof. D-r Eng. Georgi Mihaylov

Prof. D-r Eng. Georgi Mihaylov Underground Mining Senior Executive

Eng. Anton Naumov

Eng. Anton Naumov Executive Geologist

Eng. Petyo Bakalov

Eng. Petyo Bakalov Head of Mining Execution

Eng. Rosen Dimitrov, B.Sc. Geologist

Eng. Rosen Dimitrov, B.Sc. Geologist Executive Geologist

Vasil Arsenov

Vasil Arsenov Lead of Construction Operations

Plamen Tenev

Plamen Tenev Lead of Natural Resources Operations

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