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Blueshares are the tokenized traditional equity capital participation shares of Interprom Mining AG, Switzerland. Interprom Mining AG is the majority owner of Interprom EOOD* with a 90% stake. Interprom Mining AG & Interprom EOOD* are consolidated into a group controlled by Interprom Mining AG.
A securities token offering such as the sale of Blueshare tokens, is a securities offering in every other aspect except for the technology used to prove factually the ownership of a share. There-fore, the Blueshare token is a digital financial instrument and thus bears all the regulation and compliance that an equivalent legacy share has.
For more information, please refer to p.36 of our official Prospectus and pp. 3-4 of the Blueshare Snapshot.

* EOOD = Limited liability company


Holding a Blueshare security token entitles you to an ownership claim to equity capital participation share from the company of Interprom Mining AG – construction business with 23 years of proven track-record, and a pipeline of natural resources mining and exploration projects.
You will receive the equivalent rights associated with the traditional share, in this case namely dividend rights, liquidation rights, and financial rights.
This is comprehensively described in our Published  Whitepaper (please refer to p.7) and our official Prospectus, p. 36.


We have developed the Blueshare security token (BST) offering led by the idea of funding the future extraction activities of our mining business.
By holding BST, you will possess dividend and ownership title to the underlying equity capital shares of our Swiss-based company, Interprom Mining AG.
Each potential token holder will reap the benefits of the stable traditional business model of the Interprom Group and the uncharted blockchain technology. We want to give our investors access to Blockchain by implementing a traditional business within this newly regulated sector.
For more information, please read our Blueshare Snapshot thoroughly.


Presently the Company has over EUR 110 Million ongoing projects and over EUR 400 Million worth of EU public procurement construction tenders participations planned for 2019.
The main construction activities of Interprom EOOD include water treatment facilities, water supply and sewer infrastructure, public urban facilities, underground construction works and road expansion and repairs. For further information on our current and completed projects, please visit  
For our ongoing and future construction projects, please refer to our Whitepaper, p. 32-33.

Since 2015 Interprom EOOD has also been applying for exploration concessions and has performed exploration for a number of minerals which has resulted in projects for the potential
future mining of:
• Construction Aggregates located in six quarries
• Precious Metals located in one site
• Precious metals and base metals located in another site
For more information on our mining activities and figures, please read our Prospectus thoroughly.



You can participate in our STO by opening an account on and undergoing KYC and AML procedures, necessary to whitelist you as an investor. Once cleared, you are able to purchase tokens from 200 Blueshares onwards. We kindly advise you to make at least one new ERC20 compatible wallet address, which has been dedicated for this whitelisting procedure.
For more information on how to participate, please watch our STO video.


We accept both fiat and cryptocurrency. However, keep in mind rates are exchanged with respect to EURO, as that is the official currency in which our company receives its revenue. Hence whatever currency you purchase - EUR, ETH, USDT, BTC, the denomination will happen at the level of Euro.
Note: Please keep in mind that whatever currency you make the transaction in, it's going to be denominated in its Euro equivalent.


We provide a 24/7 help desk.  You can get in touch by visiting our Telegram channel - or contact us via our website live chat.
For any general queries about the main sale, we are also available on all our other social media channels – Facebook, Twitter, Medium, etc, indicated at the bottom of our website.


Yes. You can base your investment from 200 Blueshare tokens onwards which equal to EUR 320.

Keep in mind the bonus percentage that applies, and that the earlier you invest, the better bonus percentage you receive.

For more information on the bonus structure, please read page 10 of our Whitepaper, subsection “STO Investors Incentives Driven by Time”.


For many years, engaging in an Initial public offering (IPO) through traditional channels has been a regulatory burden for companies, as well as private individuals wishing to participate in the public markets. Blockchain technology can fix inherent inefficiencies of public markets so that financial processes are less bound to traditional, institutional market structures.  
The management of Interprom Group believes blockchain technology is the liberating future of all equities, assets and securities. The unprecedented liquidity, peer-to-peer mobility, better security, and transparency are just fraction of the things which this technology provides to users. Its cost efficient, regulatory compliance capabilities allow the sidelining of intermediaries, keeping all the value in your own hands. That is why we have chosen to conduct an STO to fill that missing link between our Blueshare security tokens, and the underlying shares of Interprom Mining AG.
For detailed information, please refer to our Whitepaper, pp. 16 - 18.


Currently there are only few established exchanges for selling security tokens, however, according to public information several exchanges are building up regulated markets for security tokens and we strongly believe that there will be dozens of exchanges running by the end of 2019.
We are going to apply for listing as soon as regulated crypto exchanges are opened. We have already signed an MOU with Swiss SCX.CH exchange for listing Blueshare in August 2019,  when SCX expects receiving its licenses. However, most of them will commence their services in Q3 and Q4 of 2019. A condition to purchasing Blueshare tokens on such exchanges is to have a whitelisted wallet by our KYC and AML providers.


Liquidity means the ability to quickly dispose of your share or asset.
Read more:
We provide such functionalities where you can trade your share inside our Platform. These are on our own platform via the P2P functionalities and bulletin board. This is how we provide liquidity, in-house. By tokenizing shares, we are not depending on the trading venues which usually have operational times. As Blockchain is working constantly 24 hours a day without closing hours, you can trade your token peer-to-peer, whenever you want regardless of hours.
Moreover, our ambition to integrate our token on different regulated digital asset exchanges which are yet to appear, so that all whitelisted investors can quickly trade their Blueshares on an even larger scale.


The Blueshare platform will offer
• Buy / Sell announcements bulletin board driving P2P mobility.
• Live communication channels among all users to facilitate deal making.
• Introduction of the Bluechip utility token, which will facilitate token swap and trading (see
question 45, and p. 24 of our Whitepaper)
• A dividend and revenue payout functionality, the core part of the Blueshare proposition. It will allow for dividend payout in fiat (EUR) and in crypto (ETH, BTC, USDT).
For more information of the development of our platform, please refer to p.6 of the Blueshare Whitepaper.


Interprom Mining AG will tokenize all of its 300,000,000 equity capital participation shares, from which up to 80,000,000 available for purchase in the STO. The name of the shares are BLueshare (BST). One Blueshare(BST) token has underlying share title right, dividend right, and liquidation right, it is solely stripped from corporate voting right.

What is the expected rate of return of Blueshare token?We are not allowed by regulation to express privately or publicly estimates or forecasts. In order to make your own estimates, read our Prospectus which will give your precise information on the offering and what it includes, the risks associated with it and the possibility of future dividends.

Any private individual or company (excluding US) can participate upon completion of KYC and AML due diligence which is similar, as easy, and even faster than opening a bank account or creating account on a stock exchange.

The safety features and due diligence checks are at the highest standard according to FATF recommendation, Swiss law and the EU AML regulations.


We comply with all regulatory requirements of the Swiss Central Ordinance, as well as with the EU Prospectus Regulation. WE have also deposited the equity capital participation shares registered in a central depository to increase their security.  Through these regulations and compliance measures our investors will have the highest level of security. They have a legal entitlement to the underlying shares they are holding, as well as liquidation and dividend rights.

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