What is an asset-backed token?

What is an asset-backed token?

Asset-backed tokens are an innovative way of investing in existing businesses. These tokens can be an alternative to the traditional stocks, with one major difference – investors can purchase stocks in the form of tokens from each point of the world, without having to leave their homes. In addition, asset-backed tokens are very liquid and enable purchasing, selling or trading corporate shares with ease.

Why is liquidity so important in modern trading?

Liquidity allows funds to be raised at a very rapid pace, even when it comes to high volumes of shares or tokens. Liquidity is important for fast fundraising, as by increasing the trading volumes, asset prices increase and eliminate the risks of slow closing for non-profitable assets. The features of the asset-backed tokens make them very suitable for the real-estate market, due to the easiness of buying and selling of property shares. All forms of assets can be liquidized through the blockchain network. All of the assets can be offered as a tokenized product to the end-client/consumer, enabling a shift from the traditional business to crypto, or a combination of the both. A very appropriate way for a large organization to join the crypto market would be through a private equity security token offering (STO), which is being done with using the utilization of smart contracts and guaranteed access to global crypto exchanges. Companies can quickly raise funds while being secure and legally compliant. Private equities can be developed with built-in dividends sharing options, which transforms the otherwise low-liquidity market into passive income generation tool. Equity asset-backed tokens are primarily used for start-ups funding. By conducting an STO, companies are eliminating third parties such as banks and brokers. Thus, a faster connection between investors and STO issuers is being created.

Moreover, blockchains makes the traditional equity, debt stocks and obligations much easier to acquire, and guarantees a high degree of transparency and security. STOs can boost assets value via the creation of a new market for liquidized assets.

Blueshare launches their STO on Monday, 6 th May 2019, at 10am (GMT+3). $80 million Blueshare

Tokens (BTS) will be available to the STO`s participants at the €1,60 rate per token.

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