Tokenized securities – the perfect liquidity solution

The tokenization of assets and resources enables quicker, cost-effective, and increasing in functionality configurations. The high level of liquidity that can be attained through tokenization of securities is another crucial element that turns tokenized securities as an alternative option to the conventional trading/purchasing methods of stocks and shares. The recently introduced rules and regulations guarantee that the customer is safe with their investment, shaping the tokenized securities into an innovative and secure method for exchanging and trading of assets.

The introduction of tokenized securities dates from several years back in the past. Although the idea is not entirely new, their utilization started several months ago, as a result of the evolution of the crypto market. Another factor driving the demand for securities was the vast number of ICO projects that turned out to be a complete scam, with statistics showing that more than half of the ICO projects were not doing business in an ethical manner. 

As previously mentioned, one of the main reasons for asset tokenization is the enhanced liquidity. The tokenized securities` liquidity allows convenience, it is a time-saving and easy-to-complete process in terms of purchasing, selling, and exchanging. Prior to the launch of the blockchain technology, the level of assets liquidity was relatively low, because of the sluggishness of conventional asset trading and waiting times for transaction verifications. Stocks and bonds are often purchased through intermediaries like brokers and banks, further delaying the full completion of a transaction. 

Despite the fact that tokenized securities offer an additional layer of security compared to standard tokens, a real challenge for the market remains the regulation of tokenized assets. Governing bodies across the globe are striving to introduce standardization methods for control and clear and cohesive frameworks. The law compliance remains an issue, although there is a clear indication that with the evolvement of the market, the regulations and standardization methods will continue to grow in number. 

Tokenized securities are made publicly available via a Security Token Offering (STO). Blueshare`s tokenized securities are currently available to the mass public at, offering real shares of an existing mining business with over 23 years of history on the European market. An incentive scheme rewards investors who enter the project within the first 50 days of the project with 3% bonus. The bonus decreases over time, which is why we encourage all interested parties to consider entering during our Gold season.

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